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I’m Colleen Williamson

Helping You Attract Your Ideal Client Through Creative Web Design & Custom Marketing Solutions

I’m Colleen Williamson

Helping You Attract Your Ideal Client Through Creative Web Design and Custom Marketing Solutions

I'm Colleen Williamson

Helping You Attract Your Ideal Client Through Creative Web Design and Custom Marketing Solutions

Your Business Needs a Creative Edge!

Are You Missing Out On Sales Because No One Knows You Exist?

Are you too busy running your business that your online presence gets put on the back burner?

Want to take your business to the next level by creating a relevant online presence that speaks to your ideal client?

Is your website out-dated or non-existent?

Does your website attract or repel your visitor?

Do you know how to clearly define your product or service on your website to attract business

Do you have a clear Call To Action?

Does your social media presence drive engagement and sales?


Website Creation

Looking for a fresh new look for your business. I love the challenge of creating an engaging website. We’ll start with the design process,  talk about your business, your ideal client, your value’s and your style, what you envision as an end result. Then the magic begins!

Strategy Call

Together lets determine what your needs are for your business.  We’ll create a custom marketing solution to move your business forward. Schedule a complimentary 15 minute strategy call and let’s chat!

Business Coaching

Are you up to the challenge and want to take control of your marketing,  you’re just looking for some guidance and accountability. Let’s create a plan to get your business moving forward!

Content Creation

If you’re struggling to understand how to market your business using tools like a sale page, email campaigns, or social media strategies, or if you need help creating cover designs, graphics, ebooks or video editing, we’ve got you covered!

Why Work With Media Creative?

We understand that getting clear on your messaging is critical!  When a visitor lands on your site, your message must be clear, concise and to the point. You have a short window of time to grab their attention and if your message is not clear you’ve lost your viewer.

Building your site is like creating a story that speaks directly to your ideal client, uncovering their pain points, yet providing solutions that make sense, with clearly defined next steps, simply laid out and easy to follow.

Using these concepts to create your custom marketing solution is something that will attract your ideal client to your business – thats a powerful concept called “Attraction Marketing”

Will Attraction Marketing Work For My Business?

Yes! Attraction marketing will work for any business that wants to attract their ideal client through value based content, rather than constantly trying to sell through promotional advertising.

Will I Stand Out Above The Competition?
Absolutely YES!

What I teach are concepts that are not common to the marketplace. Typically businesses are selling to attract customers through paid advertising. As a business owner the skills you will learn will have your clients coming to you ready to buy.

Does Attraction Marketing Require Paid Advertising?

Attraction marketing can include paid advertising if that’s something you want to include in your budget. My methods will reach your ideal clients over the long term through organic (free) traffic. When using paid advertising and Attraction Marketing, when done properly will create curiosity, leaving the ideal client wanting more information.

Can I Learn These Skills and Do This on My Own?
Yes, If you would like coaching on how to create a strategy for you business I’m happy to work with you to build a marketing plan moving forward.
How Long Will These Concepts be Around For?
The concepts that I teach have been around for over 20 years and are long term marketing strategies that will grow your business as you implement more and more.

About Me

I have a passion for creative marketing.

My background as a Chef, Interior Designer and Floral Designer have allowed me to let my creativity show through. It seems for as long as I can remember I have always dabbled in something creative.

I came across Attraction Marketing in 2013. I was very fortunate to learn these skills alongside pro marketers, 6, 7 and 8 figure earners. Marketers that honed their skills from the ground up. It has not been easy, in fact it was painful for a very long time.

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“With the coaching and mentoring of Colleen, I now know that success is within my grasp. Her strategies are very simple and are easy to follow. I highly recommend her” Christine Smith - US

“You know there are some people you meet and just can connect with straight away; Colleen is one of those rare people.

She has many fine qualities, so much so that I am not sure where to start! What is paramount is her willingness to reach out and help. Add to that a radar which seems to tell her when you need support and advice. It is almost uncanny.

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Yes, she is a quiet, calm person but don’t think she is not without fire! She is relaxing company which allows us to ask for advice and help, but I also know she will give me a quietly impassioned response and guide me to good decisions. She does not hold back on advice, even if it is tough love- and that is appreciated.

Colleen listens, and that in itself is rare. We only met last year, but I feel as though I have known her so much longer, as we have been through workshops and retreats together. But more than that Colleen is someone you remember for all the right reasons; compassion, humour, quiet dignity and knowledge.

If you have the chance to work with Colleen, please grab it. Her diary will not always have space in it for sure, this lady is going far listening, helping and advising. And if you are on her team. Yes, you are in the right place!”

Susan Maghrabi - UK

“When I think of Colleen a big WOW comes up.  She is one of the most amazing, brilliant, warm-hearted and driven women I have ever met.  I originally started following Colleen on Instagram as I was so attracted to her beautiful, inspiring quotes.  We somehow then connected and I found out she lives 4.5 hours away from me which made me feel even closer to her. 

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We had set up a time to chat and when I spoke with her it was like we have been connected for years and she shared her story with me which gave me another WOW moment as she is such a strong woman.  She put all of her focus on me and at the time I was so unsure of my vision and what I wanted to offer, all of a sudden she share what was possible for me, she saw my vision when I didn’t, she had all of these ideas and gave me inspiration for my own life.  I was so impressed how brilliant this woman was and how she was so in tune with marketing and what tools to use for what.  I asked her how she knew all about this marketing and how she was such a natural.  I was very surprised as with all the knowledge and the visions she had for me and my business, I thought she had been doing this her entire life.   Colleen can teach and guide anyone to achieve their goals, she literally sees your vision to help you connect with what exactly you want to offer people and it is quite amazing. I feel honored to know her and I feel excited and heart filled with joy for any person that has the opportunity to work with Colleen.  One more thing I love about Colleen is she is an animal lover and has such compassion for animals which truly touches my heart. She is a beautiful soul and has so much to share with the world.”

Christine Fraser - CA


Unlocking Your Inner Greatness

Steve has been wonderful to work with! he allowed me to take the lead and be creative.  Steve has a passion for helping others and has some pretty cool resources on his site.

Majestic Mastery

I am so impressed by the design and art work Colleen did for my website. She is an extraordinary person with a talent to make a website congruent with who you are. She created an elegant attractive and easy to navigate site. She organized the pages, after taking the time to know enough about me, to make it authentic. I highly recommend her if you want to have a great experience and a fantastic website!


I love Lori’s fun personality, it’s been a pleasure to create her site with her! Lori’s love for nature and the outdoors really shines through and flows perfect with the name of her business.

BodyGlo Beautique

I loved the challenge of building Gloria’s site. The process allowed me to be creative and build a site that reflects her business style and personality.

Let’s Create a Strategic Plan to Dominate Your Niche

Having an online presence is VITAL to keeping up with today’s fast-paced environment. If your business can’t be found online, or if you lack an online presence,  your business will suffer and YOU WILL miss out on potential revenue.

If you want to grow your business even more dynamically and vibrantly than ever before, then you need creative solutions.

Schedule a complimentary call with me to see if what I can offer is a fit for you and your business. Find a time that works for you and lets chat!

Have a Question? Send Me a Message!

Let’s Create Solutions For Your Business Today!